Curriculum Overview

Lasseter Lundy Institute currently has five levels of training available, each of which leads to a certification. The levels are:

Level 1: Foundation Program

Learn about intuition and energy, the relationships, and how each works. Learn how to perform basic energy healing on others and yourself.

Learn more about the Level 1: Foundation Program here.

Level 2: Core Program

Master the skills needed to become a confident intuitive healer. Gain a full understanding of energy structure, how energy works, how intuition works, and how to get immediate answers.

Learn more about the Level 2: Core Program here.

Level 3: Advanced Program

Gain expert level knowledge and skills in intuition and healing and become fully proficient. Accurately assess all types of client healing needs (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual).

Learn more about the Level 3: Advanced Program here.

Level 4: Specialty Program

Specialty courses are designed to provide expert skills in a specialty area and to introduce new concepts that are not included in the other programs. These concepts include working with places and objects, animal healing, and how to start your healing practice.

Learn more about the Level 4: Specialty Program here.

Level 5: Faculty Program

The faculty program is designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to join the faculty of Lasseter Lundy Institute. Faculty members are required to have mastered the subject matter content of the program learning levels in which they will instruct and to have completed the faculty training program as well.

Learn more about the Level 5: Faculty Program here.

Each level leads to a certification. Courses may also be taken separately, based on your needs. Mentoring and coaching are provided to supplement the learning levels. 

All courses available online.

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