Wanda Lasseter Lundy is the Chairman of the Board, President, and Spiritual Leader of Rays of Healing Church. She is an unconditionally-loving authoritative master of energy and the spiritual realm. She can see, hear, feel and sense a person’s energy and decipher the meaning behind it while addressing underlying causes to powerfully heal the whole being.

Wanda teaches the art and science of accessing and harnessing intuition. Wanda heals with her thoughts, voice and presence.

Her client base is international and throughout the United States. Students harness the power of energy to experience their highest consciousness and become true masters of energy.

Wanda teaches the art and science of accessing and harnessing transformational energy practices. Complex intuition-building and an expanded consciousness become accessible to all her students from the uninitiated, to the energy practitioner to the scientifically sophisticated alike.

Accomplishments Include:

Renowned, gifted intuitive healer, scholar, mentor, teacher and minister.
Founder, President and Senior Lead Minister of the 4-branch Rays of Healing Church.
Founder of Lasseter Lundy Institute.
Performed 58,000 intuitive healing sessions.
Performed 35,000 psychic readings.
Taught 1,300 plus classes.
Ordained 47 healing ministers for Rays of Healing Church.

To set up a personal session with Wanda Lasseter Lundy, please visit:

Wanda’s Intuitive Healings & Readings

Or call her office at: (812) 705-5135