Lasseter Lundy Institute

Lasseter Lundy Institute is an educational organization that provides a full curriculum for intuitive healers to become certified as Lasseter Lundy Method™ practitioners. We teach the exacting science and art of energy healing to ensure intellectual growth and spiritual development for all learners.

Anyone can learn to channel healing energy. I have lived this process myself, awakening my own intuition and learning to be an intuitive healer.”

Wanda Lasseter Lundy

Lasseter Lundy Institute is right for you if…

You wish to explore spiritual development.

You’re looking to expand your existing base of knowledge by attending courses of interest.

You’re seeking a certification to become a Lasseter Lundy Institute professional practitioner and/or faculty member.

You’re looking to develop gifted and intuitive children while educating parents about intuition and energy.

We offer a variety of classes throughout the year. Please see our Upcoming Schedule for the latest openings.