The Lasseter Lundy Institute is an educational organization that provides a full curriculum for intuitive healers to be certified as Lasseter Lundy Method practitioners and to become faculty members of Lasseter Lundy Institute. Lasseter Lundy Institute provides a full curriculum of learning for becoming a master of intuitive healing.

Foundation Programs

Level One: Intuition and Healing

These courses are designed to provide a foundation of learning about intuition and energy, the relationships, and how each works. You will learn to use your intuition and how to perform basic energy healing on others and yourself. This level is recommended for people who are newer to these concepts, but it is more comprehensive and advanced than an introductory class or a typical Reiki class.


These courses may be taken separately based on your needs. Or you may take the entire series of courses to receive a certification as a Level One Lasseter Lundy Institute Foundation Practitioner.

Core Program

Level two: Core programs

Core courses are designed to provide you with competency as an intuitive healer. You will master skills in intuition and healing. If you already have skills in these areas but do not have a full understanding of energy structure, how energy works, how intuition works and how to focus it to get immediate answers, this learning level will provide the knowledge that increases performance. Core courses provide skill building exercises, homework, and skills assessment. The courses provide a comprehensive education for most healers and are more advanced than level one. The level one foundation courses are not a prerequisite for the core program if you have pre-existing knowledge and skills acquired through other methods. Core courses may be taken separately based on your learning needs, or you may take the entire series of courses to receive a certification as a Level Two Lasseter Lundy Institute Core Practitioner.

Advanced Intuition and Healing Courses

Level Three: Advanced Courses

Advanced courses are designed to provide you with expert level knowledge and skills in intuition and healing and lead to full proficiency. Full proficiency is being able to: Provide a reading of past, present and future for this life and other lives, Provide spiritual counseling and read the Akashic records -Accurately assess all types of client healing needs (mental, emotional, physical and spiritual) and provide the energy for improvement -Accurately read a client’s energy to determine background, mental and emotional status, ingrained habits and patterns – Accurately describe the healing needs for the client- Observe and describe the client’s beginning energy status, how the energy is working with the client, and how the client’s energy changes – Provide information and healing to a group of any size and determine how the group has changed as a result of the healing – Use a great variety of healing methods expertly – Perform distance healing simultaneously with more than one person or group – Describe the energy problems and change the energy in any type of relationship for the better – Help change your client’s life. The advanced courses build on the knowledge and skills acquired in the core program and are progressively more advanced. You should have either taken the core program or have existing competencies in intuition and healing to take the advanced courses. These courses may be taken separately based on your needs. Or you may take the entire series of courses to receive a certification as a Level Three Lasseter-Lundy Institute Advanced Practitioner.

Specialty and Faculty Programs

Level Four: Specialty Program

Specialty courses are designed to provide expert skills in a specialty area and to introduce new concepts that are not included in the other programs. Specialty programs should be taken individually based on need. Or you may take the entire series of courses to receive a certification as a Level Four Lasseter Lundy Institute Specialty Practitioner.

Level Five: Faculty Program
The faculty program is designed to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to join the faculty of Lasseter Lundy Institute Institute. Faculty members are required to have mastered the subject matter content of the
program learning levels in which they will instruct and to have completed the faculty training program as well. Upon gaining the required skills, faculty will co-instruct or student instruct along with an experienced faculty member who will mentor them during their first year of teaching. Faculty members will also serve as mentors and coaches.


Master Level Ministers

Lasseter Lundy Institute is a master level learning center for energy practitioners and other learners on the spiritual path.  Our graduates are masters in the use of and distribution of energy to make a profound difference in the lives and well-being of self and others.  Our learners acquire the skills to connect with all levels of consciousness to achieve heightened awareness.  

Four Tiers

Lasseter Lundy Institute provides education and development for four tiers of learners.  

The four tiers include those who wish to:

· Seek a certification and become Lasseter Lundy Institute professional practitioner instructors.

· Expand their existing base of knowledge by attending courses of interest.

· Those who wish to explore spiritual development.

· Develop spiritually gifted and intuitive children while educating parents about intuition and energy.


 Our students will attend practicums during which they will practice the skills learned in courses.  Instructors will provide coaching and mentoring during the practicum.  Instructors and trained coaches will provide quarterly coaching sessions for all students.  Wanda Lasseter Lundy will serve as the coach for the instructors.  Thereafter, trained faculty will coach core course students while Wanda coaches the advanced level students.  

Graduates Become:

Certified Lasseter Lundy Institute practitioners

Certified intuitive energy readers and counselors

Certified Lasseter Lundy Institute instructors


The curriculum is a knowledge- and skill-based program that teaches energy structure, energy healing and its mechanics, weaving emotional intelligence of unconditional love and intuition into the healing process. Faculty training incorporates soul development, instructor training, and how to run a business of healing.

The curriculum will consist of the following core topics and more:

· The Structure and Mechanics of Energy and Healing Basic Anatomy and Physiology

· Intuition, Empathy and Psychic Skills 

· Raising Vibration by Connection and Raising Vibration

· Energy Redistribution, Clearing and Balancing

· Working with Guides, Angels, Masters  

· Proficient Etheric Surgery

· The Art of Intuitive Healing

· Advanced Healing Techniques

· Understanding Soul Development

·  Reading Past, Present and Future Lives

· Revising the Akashic Records  

· Working With Family, Soul Group and Group Energy 

· Light Worker to Light Body – The Integration of Consciousness and Self Mastery 

·  Faculty Training

·  The Business of Healing