About Us

Who We Are:

The Lasseter Lundy Institute is an educational organization that provides a full curriculum for intuitive healers to be certified as Lasseter Lundy Method practitioners and to become faculty members of Lasseter Lundy Institute. Lasseter Lundy Institute provides a full curriculum of learning for becoming a master of intuitive healing. The course material is unique to Lasseter Lundy Institute and provides a comprehensive education in energy healing, intuition and combining the two skill sets. You will understand how intuition and energy work, how these skills can be fully developed, and you will become more enlightened in the process.


Our culture of unconditional love, compassion, and spirituality mixes with learning the exacting science and art of energy distribution to ensure intellectual growth and personal development for all learners. Lasseter Lundy Institute develops professionals who fully understand the uses of energy and its applications. Our certified graduates will provide energy healing and knowledge that profoundly affects the life, health and welfare of recipients.

Instructors / Faculty:

The Lasseter Lundy Institute Faculty are certified practitioners and instructors for our programs. Our faculty members are highly skilled in intuitive healing and are well respected instructors.

Our Faculty Members:

Wayne Caskey, Teresa M. Jones, Douglas Macauley, Jessica Nazemi, Rodrigo Ortiz, Timothy Schauerte, Wendy Wisner, Cyndi Woods, Michael Snoddy, Deborah Stellamaris, Michele Porter Will, and Michaelle Wyatt

Faculty members serve as coaches, mentors and course advisors for Level One and Two learners.

Mentoring – Coaching:

Students will be provided with mentoring and coaching opportunities throughout the year. Founder Wanda Lasseter Lundy will provide a practicum twice during each year. Lasseter Lundy Institute Faculty: President Wanda Lasseter Lundy conduct two practicums each year and serves as the coach and mentor for faculty and Level Three learners.
All Lasseter Lundy Institute learners may attend group practice with coaching or schedule an appointment for mentoring with a faculty member. The mentoring is specific to the knowledge and skills your have learned in your classes. The group practice sessions are lead by a coach who works with a group performing intuitive healing and provides feedback to group participants to enhance performance and help you build skills. This time may be used to ask questions about how you are progressing as a practitioner. Individual practice sessions may be used to receive feedback and build skills or to ask questions about the material from class.